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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Upgrades and Updates

How can I get latest update available?

You can update your software anytime using Personalized Setup. Fine Maintenance subscribers get the latest version of the software available, other users get latest update available within the version they have purchased.

How can I create offline installation?

You can create offline installation package for later use or for use on computers without internet connection:

  • 1/ Download and run Personalized Setup from our website.

  • 2/ In the first window, click on “Advanced”

  • 3/ Choose "Create an installation package" and select target folder, and press “Next” button.

  • 4/ Select the applications you want to include in the installation.

  • 5/ Full offline installation package was created and placed into selected target folder. You can burn this package on CD and then start it by clicking on FineSetup icon.

Single Upgrade

I have older version of GEO5 (FIN EC) software. How can I get the latest version?

Fine Maintenance subscribers can get the latest version for free. Other customers can get the newer version by purchasing a Single Upgrade.

What do I get by purchasing the Single Upgrade?

The latest GEO5 (FIN EC) version and all updates within that version.

I have version 16 of GEO5 software and would like to have the latest version. What would the price of Single Upgrade be if the current version is 18?

Price of Single Upgrade is 10% of all purchased licenses per each version released after the owned version. Maximum price of Single Upgrade is 50%.

In this case, price of Single Upgrade from version 16 to 18 would be 20% of all licenses. You can get your Single Upgrade price calculated easily in our Online Shop.

Fine Maintenance

I have older version of GEO5 programs. Can I subscribe to Fine Maintenance?

You have to own the latest version of GEO5 software in order to subscribe to Fine Maintenance. In case you have older version, you have to purchase a Single Upgrade first.

Can I exclude some specific programs from Fine Maintenance subscription?

Fine Maintenance comprises all the licenses within the product you own. However if the customer agrees with returning license for a specific program, the customer can no longer use the application, but pays only for the software he uses.

How can I calculate my Fine Maintenance price?

Use our Online Shop to calculate your Fine Maintenance fee or ask us for quotation.

How to pay for the Fine Maintenance by Credit Card?

Existing Maintenance subscribers can renew Maintenance subscription and pay by CC one month before subscription is about to expire. Please find the short manual how to pay by Credit Card.


What are the minimum requirements for running our programs?

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Windows XP (SP 3), Vista)

Display resolution 1024×768 pixels

USB 2.0 port (except Demo versions and Software Keys)

What do I need hardlock for?

Hardlock is a tiny device to be attached to a computer. It protects our software against illegal copying. Protected software cannot run without an appropriate hardlock connected to the computer.

Does a network hardlock have to be necessarily connected to a LAN server?

No, it does not. A network hardlock can be connected to any computer capable of running NetHASP License Manager and visible in LAN network.

You can read the PDF manual for network hardlock installation

I have a network hardlock directly connected to my computer. Does this computer have to be also connected to a LAN network?

Any computer where a protected program is used, and which a network hardlock is connected to, must always satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Program NetHASP License Manager is installed
  2. Hardlock drivers are installed (they are usually installed automatically by NetHASP License Manager)
  3. At least one connection to LAN network is defined within the operating system and it must be in state “connected”. It means there is a transmission medium such as cable, WiFi signal etc. detected.
How does a network hardlock work?

If a hardlock driver does not find any local hardlocks connected to the computer, it searches for a network hardlock. In order for a network hardlock to work properly, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. Network hardlock is connected to a computer which is available for other computers of the LAN network
  2. Hardlock drivers are installed on the computer, which the hardlock is connected to. Program NetHASP License Manager has to be also installed and in operation.
  3. Network elements and local network protocols are configured to allow communication between hardlock drivers installed on the workstation where a protected program is used and program NetHASP License Manager running on the computer which the hardlock is connected to. To get more information, see the documentation included on the installation CD. More details can be found in files NetHASP.ini and NHSrv.ini. In most cases network modifications or using of files NetHASP.ini and NHSrv.ini should not be necessary.

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