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Pressure Analysis

This tab allows to input parameters for the analysis of excavations and earth pressures:

  • Active earth pressure calculation (Caquot, Coulomb (ČSN 730037), Müller-Breslau (DIN 4085), Mazindrani (Rankine), Absi).
  • Passive earth pressure calculation (Caquot-Kerisel (ČSN 730037), Coulomb, Müller-Breslau, Sokolovski (DIN 4085), Mazindrani (Rankine), Absi).
  • Method of calculation (dependent pressures, JGJ 120-2012).
  • Earthquake analysis (Mononobe-Okabe, Arango, JTJ 004-89, JTS 146-2012, SL 203-97).
  • Modulus of subsoil reaction (standard, input, pressiometer PMT, dilatometer DMT, CUR 166, chinese standards). Standard settings contains recommended international methods for calculation of modulus of subsoil reaction (for Sheeting Check program in the frame "Modulus Kh") - other methods described herein are used only in specific countries.
  • Shape of earth wedge (Calculate as skew, Consider always vertical).
  • Consider reduction of the modulus of subsoil reaction for a braced sheeting - this option is used only in "Sheeting Check" and "Anti-Slide Pile" programs, when program during the analysis reduces values of the modulus of subsoil reaction automatically.
  • Terrain settlement (not input, triangle method, index method, parabolic method, DG/TJ08-61-2010) - this option is used only in "Sheeting Check" program.
  • Verification methodology (factor of safety, limit states, analysis according to EN 1997, analysis according to LRFD, analysis according to the chinese standards).
  • Design situations are specified for all verification methodologies.

"New settings" dialog window - "Earth pressures" tab

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